JAM OF THE WEEK: KOPS – Sorry Not Sorry

Everything about this next tune is a vibe.

20 year old Danish Pop artist KOPS has been steadily growing his fan base and catalog with a string of well received releases.  His signature sound is a mix of percussive, electronic productions, vivid storytelling and top notch hooks.  A member of Official Music DK – a musical collective based out of Copenhagen who write and record in an old church tower studio – KOPS and the rest of his camp are proving time and time again that they will not be ignored.His latest release, “Sorry Not Sorry”, portrays the story of a girl whose ambiguous signals push a young man over the edge.  In true KOPS fashion, the single sees him delivering dynamic vocals with an original swag that easily help him stand out from the pack.  The self-produced track incorporates stabbing synths, playful percussion and glitchy sporadic rhythms that being an incredible bounce to the track.

While on the surface it may seem like this is just another Electronic Pop tune, it is the way that it is all put together that puts KOPS in a lane of his own.  Originality gets me every time – and something about this track is not like anything else.  This is JAM OF THE WEEK material for sure.


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