There’s Something ‘Bout the Way…

LA native Zack Burke, known by his stage name Z A C K Y first began his musical career as an acoustic singer/songwriter – that is until he stumbled upon J Cole’s, “Born Sinner”.  Inspired by the storytelling abilities of rappers like J Cole, he quickly changed gears.

With his new found love for Hip Hop the young artist began to produce and write for local rappers when he started college, but it wasn’t until earlier this year that he decided to get in front of the mic himself.  His new release, “Something ‘Bout the Way”, takes all of his abilities and seamlessly blends them together into an urban, guitar laden Pop tune. With mellow rhythmic guitar leading the way, Z A C K Y spices up the track with his fresh vocals, heavy basses and slapping drums.  The contrast and dynamics between the acoustic and electronic elements is perfect.  While the vibe is super chill, there is just enough energy to get your head bopping. Beyond the production the vocals are catchy and the story is relatable.

All I know is I’ll be singing, “there’s something bout the way you move my body,” for quite some time.  Give it a listen, “take a pic and save it – make it last.


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