You Really Got Me Good

You know when you hear a track, and it’s a remix, but it’s so good that you don’t even care what the original sounds like?  That’s what we have here.

While the original tune by Heather Brave was spinning on Top 40 radio earlier this fall, I refuse to listen to radio… so I must have missed it.  Next thing you know I find this gem in my inbox.  LA based Madds went absolutely madd (get it) on this remix of, “Like A Wave”.

While the vocals are absolutely on point, from the cadence to the delivery, for me this mix is great because of the way Madds has built around them.  The chill Future Bass infused remix relies on slick synth work, well timed vocal chops and an all around vibe to make this one a must listen for me.  The production isn’t overpowering as is the case with a lot of Future Bass these days, rather every element finds its place perfectly in the mix.

A great bounce, progression, would selections and mix – all around this is a jam.  Fun, memorable and danceable.  This one is going to be on repeat for me for a while I think.


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