Way Impressed by Jack Vallier

It has been a great year for for UK artist Jack Vallier.  With 3 stellar releases so far, he has just released his fourth single and final track to his new EP, “Change Your Mind (Stripped)”, and I am absolutely in love with it.We have been supporting Jack all year, not because we know him, but because his songwriting is top notch.  Time and time again, he has wowed us with his emotive, familiar and thought provoking lyrics, dynamic performances and memorable melodies.  With the new tune rounding out the project, Jack has delved into a past breakup, stacked in one EP – each track telling it’s story from denial (Rebekah), regret (The Boy You Knew), bargaining (Change Your Mind) and acceptance (Good For You).

While the previous singles relied on more production and a bit more of a commercial feel, for his final single of the project Jack soars atop a beautifully arranged piano – really giving him the space to let it all out and helping the lyrics really resonate deep with the listener.

While I am honestly sad that this project is finished, I am even more exited to hear what he cooks up next.  I would say he has found a new fan, but that isn’t so true – he has 100% earned this fan and I will without a doubt be keeping up with Jack Vallier going forward.


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