JNNA Explores What it is Like to ‘Feel So Alone’

It is no secret that LA is a hotbed for talent in the music industry.  Everyday we are delivered tunes from up and coming artists from LA, making the scene a bit saturated – yet there are always songs/artists that stand out.

When we first heard the new tune, “Feel So Alone”, by LA based singer/songwriter JNNA, there was no denying the vibe.  Pulling influences from Blues and Soul and mixing with the new sounds and textures, JNNA finds her stride this time on a chill and melodic Electronic production.  Produced by Tyzo Bloom, her latest release is only her second single.Her vocals are chilling and full of innocence – soft and enchanting, they easily grab hold.  Throw in some well placed harmonies and catchy melodies and she’s for sure got something going for her here.

There are two kinds of solitude: being alone without anyone there and feeling alone when you’re with someone. JNNA‘s new single, “Feel So Alone“, explores the latter.


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