Jazz Mino x Oliver Nelson

I don’t always love when people take classic smashes and remake them… For me, more times than not there is just no comparison, but sometimes however it works beautifully.

London based Jazz Mino took it upon herself to remake the Jennifer Paige smash, “It’s Just a Little Crush”, and she more than did it justice.  With her original remake landing in the Spotify UK Chilled Pop Hits playlist, she has just kicked it up a notch with a remix from Sweden’s Oliver Nelson.  The vocals are mint – while reminiscent of the original by Jennifer Paige, Jazz Mino puts her own flavor into the mix. Maintaining the perfect Pop vibe, Oliver Nelson brings a bit of a Nu Disco feel to the mix.  A steady kick, rhythmic guitar, bright leads and a rolling bass go a long way here.  The tune is an absolute bop.  The smile inducing remix finds the perfect balance between what Jazz Mino was able to create and his own personal flare.

This is a vibe.


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