BLSZRD Goes Hard on TroyBoi & Ekali’s Joint ‘Truth’

Today we have an absolute bomb of a remix from BLSZRD.  When he first heard the original release from TroyBoi and Ekali, he couldn’t wait to put his own spin on it.

Being a fan of both TroyBoi and Ekali, BLSZRD was hooked when they dropped, “Truth”, and I’m equally as hyped about his flip.  Maintaining the vibe and elements that made the original hit, he kicks things up a notch and puts his own personal flare on the track.  The dark and moody festival Trap mix knocks with huge horn stabs, rattling sub basses and glitchy, industrial synths at the forefront while keys and pads fill the rest of the soundscape.  The dynamic mix shows BLSZRD’s production prowess through a perfectly executed and emotionally charged arrangement.

This is a bomb.


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