Prague Releases Debut EP ‘Motel’

While I know absolutely nothing about Prague, RockDafuqOut is really all about the music – and their new tune had me hooked when I found it in my inbox.

The mysterious duo has just released their debut EP, “Motel“, and to get things rolling, the hit me with their lead single, “Weightless“.  The Electro Pop tune relies on a bit of an 80’s vibe, falsetto vocals, driving basses and swaying synth work to make this one hit.  Starting off with some bright keys and bubbling bassline, the layered vocals fit right in the pocket.  Catchy top lines and easy to follow lyrics make the lyrics work – easily getting stuck in your head.  A bit of a sexy feel comes over the track, while the bright production drives it home.The 4-track project has a cohesive vibe throughout that allows each track to blend perfectly together.  Interesting production and progressions make sure that the project stands on its own and doesn’t get lost in the clutter that is the music biz.  If you’re into vibes… check this one out.



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