BLYNE Releases Wavy New Single ‘Water’

Hailing from Berlin, BLYNE is made up of two like minded producers, multi-instrumentalists, DJs and live-acts (Jan Hammele & Andreas Huber) who initially met in school and continued to work together in several projects before launching BLYNE.

Formerly working together in 2010 under the name Egokind & Ozean the duo saw some success with their debut album, “Transition“.  The two artists also work behind the scened as producers for BMG Rights Management which has lead to their first gold record, working on the international tune, “She Moves“, for Alle Farben.

With BLYNE, the duo looks to continue their success and build their catalog with tunes that blur the lines between R&B, Electronic, Hip Hop and Soul.  Their latest release, “Water“, is a dreamy and seductive jam that features captivating vocals, dark basslines and bright synth leads.  Everything works perfectly together to create a tune that is both haunting and vibrant.

This tune is built on a vibe.  A sound all their own, clean production and catchy top lines made this one stand out for me and will be in rotation in my playlists for sure.


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