Funky Goodness from Heir [VIDEO]

After performances at Reading and Leeds Festival and a debut single that reached #10 in the Spotify Global Viral 50, Nostalgic UK Pop group Heir is back with their music video debut.

The video, for their most recent single, “Need You the Most”, is a bright and playful visual accompaniment for the equally smile inducing single.  With a huge dash of 80’s flavor thrown in the mix, both the tune and visuals give new fans a great insight into the groups overall vibe.  While the band dons all white get ups,  they perform coordinated moves amidst a sea of color.  Clearly not taking themselves too seriously, their approach is wholesome and familiar, with all members looking like they’d be perfectly behaved and awkwardly adorable company around a holiday table.

Beyond the video – the song is just a jam.  Fun, easy to follow lyrics and an upbeat delivery make the vocals pop on top of the funky Acoustic/Electronic production.  Behind the facade, their is clearly a lot of musical ability between the members.  Clean and dynamic production coupled with memorable toplines and an all around undeniable vibe make this one work for me.


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