Eat More Cake Takes on a Classic

Hailing from North-West London, DJ/production/songwriting collective Eat More Cake are turning out huge records, growing their catalog and slowly climbing up the dance music hierarchy. When you are finding support from artists like Pete Tong, Danny Howard, Blonde, Saturday Night Kiss, Tiesto, Sam Feldt, The Magician, Coco Cole, Judge Jules and The Aston Shuffle – you must be on the right track.
Closing out 2017, they released a massive cover and re-work of the classic dance anthem by Stardust, “Music Sounds Better With You”. Maintaining the sultry vibe that made the original such a massive success, Eat More Cake cranks things up and updates it for the times by adding a deep and bubbly bassline. Pads and atmospheric vocals fill up the track while piano and bass groove along.
While there may not me too much technicality in the track, it is how it is all executed that makes it special. Like the original it is all about the vocals and overall energy. Smooth, euphoric and totally danceable. This one will be rocking some dance floors this year for sure.


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