KNTRL Takes on Tobtok’s ‘On My Way’

While Norwegian artist KNRTL may have been hard at work in the studio, he has been keeping things under wraps, planning his next move and lining up releases.  Now with his first remix out, he’s ready to show the world what he is made of and what they can expect to be coming down the pipe.

For his debut remix, KNTRL chose to flip Tobtok’s, “On My Way”.  Before we get to his mix, I think it’s important to hear the original – because it is a JAM.

Starting with a solid song choice, KNTRL flips it and pumps up the energy with a driving, layered, dynamic production.  Relying on deep basses,  enchanting mid-range elements and bright synths, the remix is able to maintain the vibe that made the original work and still take it in a new direction.

Developing over time KNTRL is able to keep the listener hooked through and through.  Add on a solid mix and master, and this is for sure an all around solid debut.


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