Schier Takes on DYLN Once Again for ‘Colours’

Y’all better keep an eye on Schier.  Over the last couple of years, the Iowa City based producer has been racking up plays and collaborating with artists like Rebecca Black, Lizzy Land, and Ben Phipps.

With an incredible ability to adapt the whatever tune he may be working on, Schier finds a way to pull the best out of every element he has in front of him to create tunes that resonate and keep you bringing it back.  While his work may fall under Electronic – genre seems to never be a thought for Schier, vibing each release and developing it into what feels right.After doing a well received remix for DYLN’s, “Better Things”, he was once again brought on board to flip her new single, “Colours”.  The Canadian born Brooklyn based vocalist generally finds her stride blurring the lines between Pop and R&B, while also sitting securely in the Electronic world.  The pairing between DYLN and Schier seems like a no brainer. with both artists bringing originality to the table.

Schier once again delivers, with a chill, Pop leaning production perfectly craft d to the vocals.  Taking the down-tempo tune, Schier brings a smooth groove and uplifting vibe to the track through melodic plucks, deep bass and catchy lead synths.

About the release he says, “Even in the dead of winter, I’m hoping this remix can transport you to a warm and vibrant place :).


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