Swooning Over The Swoons New Tune ‘Lost’

Music always seems to have an ability to bring people from different worlds together to create magic.  Berklee College of Music also seems to have the same gift.

LA based Electro Pop outfit The Swoons, originally began at Berklee when the then duo of Matt Underwood and Tony Ann began writing together in between classes after finding out they both shared a love for Pop music.  After a couple of releases, fellow classmate Giacomo Timbrello joined the mix and The Swoons (as they are today) was born.

Fans of The Chainsmokers will be familiar with Tony’s work already, as he played keyboard on the band’s ‘Memories: Do Not Open’ tour last year, and co-wrote and performed on their latest single ‘Sick Boy’, which was released last week.

Preparing to release their debut EP early this year, the group has just shared, “Lost”, and it is a perfect introduction into their sound.  Soulful, touching, dynamic and rooted in some clear musical theory and understanding of the genre they are creating in – it is an all around well crafted and accessible jam.  Low key verses relying on muted keys and guitars sway beneath the poignant and easily understood lyrics and beautiful vocal performance.  Picking up for the hook, the introduction of sharp synths and  a thumping kick take the energy up, just before bringing you back down.

About the release they offer, “Feeling lost has been a popular subject in music over the years whether it’s love, your job or your personal life. So we wanted to write a song that flipped the concept into something more positive and hopeful. As any independent musician knows it can be a real struggle to feel hopeful when you’re constantly having doors closed on you be it record labels, publishers, venues or even simply the general public not connecting with your music – you’re always constantly looking for that yes, that approval to cover those insecurities you might feel.

All in all, this time is just super well done.  With the instrumentation, mix, arrangement, songwriting and progression working just as they should, there is no doubt their debut EP is going to be impressive on all fronts.


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