Get Lifted with Kuzo [VIDEO]

Prepared to be hypnotized by LA based duo Kuzo.

While I was not given too much background info on the release, it only took a few moments of watching their new video for, “Luna”, to be hooked.  What serves as the first single from their forthcoming EP, the track features beautifully performed and seductive vocals that dominate the track with a free flowing jazzy feel – bringing an enchanting and classy vibe that couples perfectly with the swaying Electronic production.

Layers of ever moving synths form the foundation while atmospheric pads and vocals fill the space and rhythmic percussion catch the groove.  Beyond the track, the video helps to bring you in even closer to the world of Kuzo.  The cinematic and eye popping visuals are the perfect accompaniment to the tune.

Beautiful landscapes, high fashion, snazzy dance moves and resting bitch face have never worked together better.  It’s almost like a perfume commercial with a stellar soundtrack – and I dig it.


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