End of the World Vibes with Dylan Montayne

Santa Fe born Denver based lyricist Dylan Montayne first came to the attention of many Hip Hop fans when released a viral video of him slaying bars while driving an Uber – but don’t get it twisted… he is far more than, “The Uber Rapper”.Growing up he always had a love for music and rhythm.  Honing his skills behind a drum set, he says, prepared him for his high school days destroying cats in freestyle battles around the lunch room.  His impeccable flows and well crafted lyrics only continues to develop, leading him to where he is today – an artist to watch and a mainstay in the Denver scene.

As someone who used to write (a lot of) songs, it always gets me hyped to find other MC’s that can not only deliver punchlines, but can also connect their lyrics and tell stories through their bars. Dylan Montayne is one such artist.  Add to that his melodic overtones and authentic swag and I think he’s on to something.

Before we get to the new tune – I want to make sure you check out my personal fav, “Deja Vu”, to get acquainted with his abilities as a songwriter.Making sure to start the year with a bang, Dylan has teamed up with another notorious underground artist, Abhi The Nomad (who has his debut album dropping 2/9) to lay down the slick production for, “Doomsday”.  Over the smooth and jazzy, guitar and keyboard laden chill af production, Dylan Montayne sways.  Riding the beat with his signature style he delivers a captivating performance best suited for road trips, blunt rides, bonfires and doing the dirty.  Dylan Montayne is not a novelty.  He is not “The Uber Rapper”.  He is 100% a respectable MC with a whole lot more in the tank.

Another solid release in what is sure to be a long line of grooves.  Keep tabs.


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