Fly By Midnight Crushing The Pop Game

NYC based Retro Pop duo Fly by Midnight have been growing this fan base for the last several years, releasing relatable and accessible Pop jams infused with just the right amount of Electronic elements.

Their latest tune, “Just Say It”, starts with some interesting vocal chops before leading into emotional verses.  The powerful yet uplifting break up tune sees FBM laying it all on the line and getting everything out in the open.  With the relationship feeling static they hope to avoid the inevitable, “5 years and all we did was try”.What seems like a sad storyline, is written and performed in a way that makes it liberating and hopeful.  The subtle verses take the lead on laying out the lyrics and are quickly followed by a huge hook and an EDM inspired drop.

All in all this track is a beautiful blend of current electronic trends and classic Pop sensibilities.  If you are in a place where you are questioning the relationship you are in – throw this on and be prepared for the ensuing split.


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