JAM OF THE WEEK: Indoor Pets – So Soon [VIDEO]

I have to be honest with you, before last year it had been almost a decade since I appreciated any sort of Rock music.  Not because I was against it, but I just wasn’t coming across anything that got me excited… my how things have changed.

Thanks to some incredibly talented new bands, my interest has be reinvigorated and a spark has been ignited.  The latest addition to my banging playlist and the newest tune to be wearing down the speakers in my headphones comes from UK based Indoor Pets and their tune, “So Soon”.

Formerly known as Get Inuit, the new incarnation is set to reignite the once-squelched genre of crossover Pop-Punk with hard hitting anthemic jams.  On their latest offering, a massive layer of guitars and pumping drums couple with uplifting vocals and an undeniable energy to deliver an absolute mood booster.  While I’d normally try to elaborate a bit more, I feel their press release has nailed it…

Channeling the angst of twenty-something revolutionists, their lyrics target issues ingrained within the up-and-comers of society… Indoor Pets provide Pop Punk at its finest – providing a Punk-rooted platform for free expulsion of emotions and a rejection of the norm, while maintaining a Pop-ish accessibility to a mainstream audience.

Beyond this being an absolute jam, it was also delivered along with an innovative official video. Some fancy camera trickery and a great idea we’re transformed into a super cool visual treatment for the tune.

Brb… going to play this on repeat until I get off of this train.


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