Swedish Pop Vibes with A.V.

After making her official debut in 2016, emerging Swedish Pop artist A.V. (Anna Veé), has already seen some success and amazing opportunities.  Her last single, “You & I”, was picked up by Spotify, eventually landing her on the viral charts in Sweden and the Netherlands.

She has also become a pretty familiar face in her home town and abroad thanks to her work with the Swiss Music Awards and her slot on German reality TV show “Go Get’em“.

Looking to continue to build on her previous successes, A.V. has released a new tune, “Do Me Good”, that is a great mix of Pop, R&B and Electronic.  Relying on catchy top lines and seductive vocals, she soars from beginning to end over a bright and rhythmic production.  About the release she says, “Do Me Good is about the dilemma you can find yourself in when you have a person in your life that you sometimes can’t live with but find impossible to live without. It’s a give and take relationship that I think most people can relate to where the positive hopefully outweighs the negative.

Flexing on the vocals, the up and coming talent shows off her wide range, sweet falsetto and accessible songwriting.  This is a sexy and smooth Pop tune for sure.


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