Get to Know Colin Magalong via His Debut ‘Blossom’

Born in San Francisco, newcomer Colin Magalong is an excited new face in the scene.  Growing up inspired by the likes of Daft Punk, Michael Jackson and Kid Cudi, Colin feels most comfortable when combining Pop with Funk and R&B.On his debut single, “Blossom”, Colin Magalong relies on a funky and bright, rhythmic production to show off his powerful and raspy vocals.  Catchy vocal melodies, a beautiful progression and an undeniable energy all come together to create an accessible, sexy and upbeat jam.  A bit of a classic feel adds some nostalgia while Colin carries the track from beginning to end.

This is a solid debut that will make you feel while also making sure you feel the groove.  The soulful, danceable release is the first in what we can only assume to be a long line of releases he is getting ready to share with the world.


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