Living in NYC the land of the Citi Bike, I was a bit confused when I heard THELIONCITYBOY’s new tune, “Bitch, I’m on an Obike”.  A bit of googlin’ later and it turns out Singapore must not be so different from the city that never sleeps.

The up and coming Singapore based MC is looking to bring the more playful side of the Hip Hop scene to the masses.  With the massive insurgence of Asian Hip Hop making waves thanks to 88Rising, Rich Brian, The Higher Brothers and others – THELIONCITYBOY is another artist you should be keeping tabs on from the other side of the world.

With an upbeat, fun vibe and tongue in cheek lyrics, TLCB fits in the same vein as artists like Kyle and Chance the Rapper and Amine, but is still able to add his own spin.  The new release is a, “colorful play using bike rental culture as a way to convey never changing who you are and to always focused on keeping yourself grounded.

Over a swaggy surf inspired beat laden with verbed out electric guitar, rhythmic keys and heavy bass TLCB delivers an energetic performance that is sure to get you bopping.

Stuck on the train with this in my headphones has me thinking about getting off at 86th and hopping on an Obike (or in our case… a Citi Bike).  This ones got the sauce.


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