Set Mo Sets The Stage With “Nightmares” (feat. Scott Quinn)

I get pretty good sleep, but there are a few nights where I get shook by my dreams and imaginations. These night terrors can derive from emotional, physical and psychological stress. We’ve all had them and they’re known as nightmares.

That brings me to this monumental track by Set Mo called Nightmares featuring Scott Quinn. This upbeat anthem is a must play because the vibe is totally encapsulated in its title. The duo created a track that sounds as if your being loaded into a virtual reality nightmare. Warm vocals from Scott Quinn lade on top of Set Mo’s signature broken beat. It builds from the get, and drops when you’re feeling the chorus. Quality over-ear headphones take this song to a whole other level.

If you like their sound, I would definitely recommend following the Sydney collective on their socials. They got a lot to offer and they’re not American. Broaden your music horizons people. Another thing; Nicholas & Stuart from Set Mo are going on a Australian / New Zealand Tour starting March 10th. If you’re in those ares, stop being cheep and buy tickets. Have a fun night out and see some electric music.


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