Seven Mirrors & Arms Akimbo

Let’s just start off with saying, that Arms Akimbo is a bitchin’ band name. I’m writing about these guys today because they released their new EP entitled The Wrong Kind Of Dance Party and it’s fun as shit.

This 6 track project offers a lot. There’s nodes of country, pop, punk and a lot of rock. The tracks flow together with emotion and flavor, from beginning to end. They are all special, but the one that resonates, has to be Seven Mirrors.

Arms Akimbo made your favorite pair of jeans, in from of song.  Seven Mirrors is comfortable and feels good in all the right places. The track begins with a loop pedal and little finger picking. This rhythmic guitar pattern sets the tone for the rest of the joint. The rhythm continues to build with hits to the floor tom, juice from the bass and wholesome vocals.The song hits home because there are days where I feel like i’m looking at seven mirrors. Situations in my life where I felt hurt, confused, or in this case, lost in an illusion. Moving on and taking those next steps can be a difficult process because of the feelings of fear, guilt and love. Instead of doing what’s  right, we take off and run away. Seven Mirrors reminds me of those times.

So, if you’re reading this click the link and hit play. Give the boys a listen because their new EP encapsulates their true talent as indie musicians. Versatile, Raw & Experimental.



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