Soku & Lo Team Up with Lisa Rowe for ‘Illusions’

I love collaboration.  Often times, it is the key to unlocking potential, breaking conformity and bending genres.  Case in point, this Soku & LO collab.

Their new single, “Illusions”, featuring Lisa Rowe sets the tone for what to expect from their upcoming collab EP.  While both artists have seen some major success of their own online, they have come together and joined forces for a full project, blending LO’s songwriting prowess and Soku’s production skills.  Sprinkle in the beautiful performance from Lisa Rowe on this one and it is easy to feel like they are on to something.The highly dynamic release has found a way to stand out from the crowd in a genre that is completely saturated.  Great vocals over high quality Electronic production – impressively – come a dime a dozen these days.  What makes this track work for me more than anything is the drop.  As you hear it coming you can almost guarantee that you are about to be hit with “The Future Bass”, drop.  And then it happens.

While there is a taste of bright rhythmic synth stabs, it is filtered and layered in a way that makes it feel way more cinematic than you are ready for.  Throughout the track, pulsating melodies flutter in the background while the bass fills up the bottom.  Lisa Rowe dominates, soaring on top of the beat with an airy angelic delivery and quality vocal control.

…Then that drop hits, making you feel like you are ready for an epic super hero battle, getting the ball in the last play during over time of the big game, or to simply take over the world.  Bring it on.


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