JAM OF THE WEEK: Quinn Lewis – In Between

It is already nice for me to see/hear the growth from artists that I keep tabs on.  Quinn Lewis first came onto my radar last year with this gem…Since then he has released a number of singles, all of which add to his budding catalog – and all of which show a clear evolution in his sound and abilities.  For me, most impressive is his songwriting.  His latest tune, “In Between”, like all the rest, showcases his ability to write accessible yet totally catchy tunes – over and over again.  His latest is by far my personal fav.

In Between”, sees Quinn reflecting on the past and present, trying to make sense of it all.  Seeing how far he is come, he tries to come to grips with the man he is now while making sure not to forget where he came from.  The Indie Pop tune relies upon a clean and vibrant production that makes the most of soft keys, plucked guitar melodies and some finger snaps – creating a chill yet bouncey vibe for his stellar vocals.

Add a bit of R&B influence into the mix via some well placed snares and heavy basses and a bit of sexy shines through the cracks.  When it all comes together, you are left with an absolutely stand out release that I will have rocking in my playlists for a long time to come.


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