Olsen is here to ‘Cramp Your Style’

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again… AUS has some major heat coming out these days.  One of my favorite new finds from the land down under in the last year is without a doubt Olsen.

Following up on his latest single, “Thunder Funk”, on Toolroom, Olsen starts the year off with a bang with his 3 track, “Cramp Your Style”, EP.  While he may have only come onto my radar last year, he has since released a number of releases that showcase his dynamic production and ability to create across genres.  While most releases are designed for the dance floor, he is never afraid to incorporate elements from Soul, Pop, and R&B into is tunes.On the new EP, he makes sure to give the listener a wide array of grooves.  On the title track, “Cramp Your Style”, driving synth melodies couple with ominous pads and counter melodies while Muma Megs delivers soulful feel-good vocals perfectly crafted for House lovers like myself.  While the production may be minimal, this one doesn’t need any bells or whistles to make it work.  With an undeniable groove beneath the vocals, this one can work for peak hour or after hours just the same.

The second track, “Alone”, features vocals from Nat Conway and portrays a darker more ethereal vibe.  Haunting basslines support the catchy vocals while repetitive strings and synths keep the track driving from beginning to end.  An absolute vibe here.Finally he closes out the project with, “Falling”, with an assist from Nick Kingswell on vocals.  The riskiest of all three tracks, this one brings an originality that helps to make the project as a whole totally Olsen.  The ambient release relies on rich textures thanks to soft piano, deep subs, intriguing percussion and moving pads. All in all, this is a stunning project and for sure a great way to start the year for Olsen.  While it may not be full of festival bangers, it def has all it needs for the house heads and lovers of dark emotive grooves.  Do yourself a favor and give it a listen.


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