Another Beaut from Shallou

Washington DC based Shallou has been making waves in the Indie Electronic scene of late.  With his last single, “Lie”, featuring Riah raking in over 1M streams in the first week, Shallou is quickly becoming an artist to watch. To keep the momentum, Shallou has teamed up with Kasbo & Cody Lovaas for an absolute stunner titled, “Find”.  The emotive and ethereal release relies on deep and moving pads, percussive synths and beautiful vocals, all coming together to create a down tempo and chill af release.  Verbed out vocal chops create a lush harmonious layer coupled with soft, deep basslines, touching pads high end melodies.Everything cloaked in a sheet of reverb and delay, some pumping side chaining adds to the groove, giving just enough bounce to get you moving while making sure not to interfere with the soft and sensual vibe of the track.

All in all this is a beaut that will for sure make you feel.  What exactly you feel is open to interpretation… but feel you will.


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