JES x JS16 x Joonas Hahmo

A culmination of years of hard work, both behind the scenes and in the spotlight, the latest release from JES sees the Dance/Pop diva teaming up with JS16 (Jaakko Salavaara) and Joonas Hahmo for an upliting tune, “The One”.

While JES has had massive success over the years having worked with top artists such as Ferry Corsten, Cosmic Gate, Robbie Rivera, Bobina, BT, ATB and more while earning several GRAMMY nominations, she continues to wow audiences the world over with her powerful pipes, incredible top lines and love driven lyrics.On her latest release she get’s to explore a bit of a different vibe than what her fans have come to expect.  About, “The One”, she says, “It’s always fun to break the mold of what people expect from you and surprise them with something totally different.  A lot of my songs have a more serious emotional feel, but with this one I got to have some fun and break the rules!

Over a progressive and uplifting production at the hands of JS16 and Joonas Hahmo, JES delivers dreamy vocals enhanced by some slick pitching and chopping.  Strong synth melodies chug along while hard drums keep the tune pumping from beginning to end.  The end result is a powerful mood enhancing track that is perfect from the festival circuit to your upcoming road trip playlists.



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