Fun Fact: I love to veg out and watch a good move. I got into cinema because of one specific director. His name is Quentin Tarantino. Some of my favorites from him include, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, and Reservoir Dogs. His films are gold because he’s a complete maverick in the directing chair. He has a strong focus on characterization, story telling, and finding the best sound to complement a particular scene. One song that sounds like it would fit his style of film would be Emergency Tiara’s single EXPLODE. If you haven’t heard of her, no worries because i’m happy to fill you in with some details.Emergency Tiara is the New York based artist, fronted by Juri, the lead singer, queen, curator and ringleader of  Emergency Tiara kingdom. Lets just say thatbshe wares man hats. Her kingdom, is a place where people go to become accepted and inspired. Her music is a force of power and royalty.  Her sound encapsulates many genres like, Rock, Hip Hop, Jazz and J-Pop. Emergency Tiara does a great job combining these styles to make them her own. 

Her latest single EXPLODE sounds like it would be perfect for the introduction to one of Tarantino’s films. If I could, I would categorize it under Indie-Swing. Open wavy ’70 sounding guitar chords played on top of tight break beats is consistent through this 4 minute and 6 second track. What sold me on this song was Emergency Tiara’s vocal delivery. Her cadence is the combination between new wave and traditional Japanese music. Its so tastful and addictive. 

The theme of this song is surround about the feeling of love. Emergency Tiara wrote this song when she was going through some pumps with her significant other. Don’t you hate when you love someone with all your heart, but need to keep in mind the insignificant things that upset them. I hate that!

If my writing didn’t paint a pretty enough picture around the single, check out Emergency Tiara official music video for EXPLODE. Maybe that will be enough to love the ET kingdom, like I do.  Boy can that girl put on a show!



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