Absofacto Drops Visuals for ‘Dissolve’ [VIDEO]

Absofacto (Jonathan Visger) first came onto my radar last year with his release, “Done With Love”, featuring Herizen.  Blown away not only by his voice and songwriting, his overall vibe has stuck with me since then.  Another stand out track from his debut four tracks EP, “Thousand Peaces”, is titled, “Dissolve”.Breathing new life into the project, Absofacto has recently released the official music video for, “Dissolve”, and it is just as stunning as the tune itself.  The colorful and beautifully cinematic video directed by Visger and Matt Day features professional synchronized swimming outfit The Aqualillies and actor Alex Knight.About the video Visger says, “”Dissolve” came out of a flash of inspiration that immediately felt special, so it was only natural that the video should be conceived the same way.  I wrote the treatment in 10 minutes, then spent 6 months planning, directing, editing the video with my co-director Matt Day. The song found new layers and meaning for me as I brought the vision to life: A lifeguard, played by my friend Alex Knight (Breaking Bad, Last Week Tonight), trapped with his own thoughts and emotions while working the night shift at an empty pool.

Everything Absofacto delivers is smooth, emotional and accessible in the best of ways.  A mesh of influences ranging from Pop to Soul to R&B and Funk all cloaked in a layer of Indie goodness.

Do yourself a favor and check out the EP below.  You won’t be disappointed.


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