Tim Freitag Bring You Up to Pull You Down with ‘Hold On’

This next one is a tune that can either pick you up or bring you down.  Tim Freitag has found a way to create a tune that pulls at nearly every human emotion all at once with, “Hold On”.The 5-piece group has recently released their new single and it is a dreamy Indie Pop release laden with beautiful guitar riffs, haunting vocals and some Electronic elements that add another brilliant later to the fold.  Lead singer Janick Pfenninger delivers heartfelt vocals on top of a pumping yet sensitive production.  One thing here is for sure, this is a group of musically minded people.  From the arrangement to the instrumentation, every element has a home and all parts come together to create a stunning release.

While I usually try to not to be a copy and paste blogger, I believe their press release perfectly sums up the track. “”Hold On”, sustains a high level of tense turbulence, engages and enthralls us in the struggle to keep a clear, penetrating, piercing perspective in the eye of the storm. Thundering forth, yet at once both addictive and delicate.


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