Loving this Tune from CARR [VIDEO]

Beautiful attitude laced Pop music is my shit.  There is just something about beautiful vocals, profanity and underlying emotional baggage.

Buzzing artist CARR has recently released a new video for her debut tune, “Let Down”, and I can’t seem to get enough of it.  Beneath her chill delivery she sings about a love that she knew was toxic from the get go.  Although she may have realized early on that it wasn’t going to work, she tries her hand at love and falls right into the trap.

On the production tip, pretty guitar meshes with slamming drums and not much more to create a mellow yet hard hitting vibe.  With the vocals/lyrics carrying the tune, CARR tells her story – one that is so easy to relate to for people who are (or once were) young and in love.

To give a full glimpse into her artistry, the video focuses on CARR and her said love interest, intercutting slo mo shots with beautifully lit performance shots.  Hidden beneath the pretty progression and sultry vocals lies an angst that we can all latch on to.

This is a jam.


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