Civic In The Sun Make Their Debut with ‘I Wouldn’t Know’

Hollywood just got a lot heavier with the introduction of Civic In The Sun.  The 5-piece Rock group is ready to kick ass and take names, recently unleashing their debut single, “I Wouldn’t Know”, a tune that I can’t seem to get enough of. The mid tempo jam features perfectly layered guitars, gritty vocals and thundering drums all put together in a cinematic way for maximum impact.  A bit on the harder side for my usual personal tastes, the new tune has a driving and undeniable energy that is sure to get you pumped.

Clean production, a smart arrangement and a clear overall musicality between the groups members help to create a dynamic and sonically pleasing release, albeit a bit dark and melodramatic.

A solid first release from the new kids on Hollywood Boulevard.  Keep an eye on these cats.


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