Jaeo Draftpick is the next one up with ‘Same Gang’

Jaeo’s new single Same Gang, will put you in your bag. This three and a half minute song is purely about the grind and paper chasing with your homies. The motivational track is perfect for almost any occasion and is a surefire way of keeping your spirits up. Jaeo’s been in the game for a minute as the Tommy Boy signed artist has an extensive hip hop repertoire. He can rap about relationships like on the song Last One, and about the street hustle. This extremely versatile emcee has a lot of tricks up his sleeve while he also epitomizes the grind.

The Long Island based MC has a banger on his hands with Same Gang. The production of this track is very fast and catchy which goes well with Jaeo’s flow. Over the short span of a year and a half at Tommy Boy Entertainment you’ve seen his progression as an artist and he will definitely be a name for everyone to remember. If he keeps this type of energy he will likely belong on the short list of game changing rappers to come out of Long Island like Biz Markie.

Same Gang is out now on all major music buying and streaming platforms. Download it now and check out his other music!




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