JAM OF THE WEEK: Billy Wild – Wikid [VIDEO]

To say I am in love with this tune from Billy Wild would be an understatement.  This is JAM OF THE WEEK material for sure.

What serves as the second single from his new album, “All Nighters”, his new tune, “Wikid”, is an absolutely hypnotic jam with an undeniable vibe.  The cross over jam incorporates elements from Electronic, Indie Rock, Synth Pop and Soul in a way that I personally haven’t encountered before. Unstoppable, percolating melodies couple with driving basslines, catchy vocal hooks, slamming drums and lush atmospheric layers to create a tune unlike any other.  Clean guitar mashes with soul shattering synth work and hauntingly poignant vocals that sit right in the mix acting more like an instrument than a lead.  With very little effort, this track pulls at the heart strings and makes sure to leave you feeling some type of way.

As if I couldn’t like this release anymore… there is a video to match.  Truly creative, original and well crafted.  There is absolutely nothing not to like here.


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