RAMPANT Takes on Kyan Palmer’s ‘Poetry in Motion’

Buzzing Arizona born, LA based artist Kyan Palmer initially started his journey in the music business behind the scenes working in the marketing department at Republic Records.  While still in college, Kyan began to create his own tunes, but it wasn’t until he uploaded his first track that he realized trying his hand as an artist may be the right route.

His debut single, “Burn Mona Lisa”, caught on almost instantly, quickly being picked up by Spotify and featured in some of their top playlists.  To date the single has now been streamed over 3M times on the platform.  A year later, and Kyan Palmer is showing no sign of letting up.His latest release, “Poetry In Motion”, continues his push and helps cement his status and an artist to watch on the Pop/R&B tip.  The smooth release not only showcases his fresh falsetto and slick songwriting abilities, but also proves that he knows how to write songs that connect on an emotional level with his fans.  To kick the release up a notch, Kyan Palmer enlisted Future Bass duo RAMPANT to flip the track into something that could work in the club.  The vibrant remix features bouncing basslines, playful melodies and impressive synth work.  While maintaining the elements that made the original so special, RAMPANT is able to add their own twist along with a whole lot of energy.  The smooth track is transformed into a head neck snapper once the drop hits.All in all this is a beautiful remix that I will for sure be keeping in rotation for some time.


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