Tiger & Bloom Turn Up the Voltage with ‘She’s Electric’

Back in 2015, Tiger Rose (vocals, guitar, drums) and Rikki Bloom (vocals, piano, synth) first came together while pursuing solo careers.  After realizing there was a clear chemistry, the two artists decided to join forces to reinvigorate their passions for songwriting with a new collaborative project, Tiger & Bloom.

Their debut single, “Hearts on Fire”, quickly caught the attention of industry heavyweights, leading to performances on Global TV’s ‘The Morning Show’, Jewel 88.5 and Sirius XM’s ‘That Eric Alper Show’ to name a few.  Finding success early on within their collaborations, the duo has been hard at work ever since.Today they are back with a brand new single, “She’s Electric”, and it is a powerful and inspiring tune that drives from beginning to end.  With both artists offering vocals on the track, the duet brings a beautiful vibe.  Perfectly complimenting each other’s tone, both artists find a way to shine in their own right while also making sure not to over power or outshine the other.  The production is a rich soundscape of both acoustic and electronic elements all meshing together into an encapsulating wall of sound.

The Progressive and anthemic release blends influences from EDM, Indie Rock and Pop into one cohesive and energetic release.  About the tune, Tiger Rose offers, “We want everyone that hears this track to feel energized and like they can take on the world. We wrote this as a tribute honoring the powerful and inspiring women in our lives.


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