KNTRL Teams Up with Bodhi Jones for Debut ‘Over You’

Debut alert!

New kid on the block KNTRL, has recently dropped his debut single in collaboration with buzzing singer/top line writer Bodhi Jones, and it is a JAM.

With Bodhi Jones delivering the vocals in prime form, KNTRL takes over the production blurring the lines between Pop and Future Bass.  With Bodhi’s vocals actually leaning a bit Indie/Country, the overall cross over appeal here is top notch.  Smart lyrics mix with a vibrant and dynamic production to create and uplifting yet reflective tune.  About the track KNTRL says, “It is a story of getting over somebody and managing to overcome the sorrow that follows.”  One thing is for sure, ignore the lyrics and this one still hits.  Without any huge builds and face melting drops, this tune features a Pop arrangement with some stellar synth work and an overall vibe.

Digging this.


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