Lizzy Land Teams up with Schier for Summertime Anthem ‘Holding Out For You’

It’s always fun to see two artists who you have been keeping an eye on for some time to come together and create something ultra-fresh.  Enter Lizzy Land and Schier.  While Schier has been featured on the site so many times I’m pretty sure we’re best friends (whattup bruhhh) and Lizzy Land is hiding in your A&R notes from probably 2 years ago, that doesn’t mean I would just support anything they put out.

Fortunately for us, together, they totally deliver on, “Holding Out for You”.  The bright, summertime ready, Pop leaning Electronic jam shows both artists in their best light.  With Lizzy Land dominating the vocals with a mix of  stellar melodies, a beautiful tone and just the right amount of attitude – Schier handles things on the production end in perfect form.Mellow percussive synths couple with deep pads and basses during the verses, building with the vocals into a horn riddled bubbling drop.  The smile inducing jam evokes the perfect summertime feeling that we have all been waiting too long to feel – all while allowing Lizzie to subliminally reflect on the ghost of relationships past.  About the tune she says, “This song is the culmination of a bunch of feelings I’ve had about a past relationship. It’s all that wonder and mystery of time gone by, and the idea of new beginnings-whether they begin or not. I’ll always be a fan of the way it was, and lightheartedly imagine where they are from time to time.


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