Long Island’s Jaeo Draftpick Drops an Ode to the Hustle with ‘Gimme My Cash’

Jaeo Draftpick is back with his new single ‘Gimme My Cash’ (production by Chris Prythm). Versatile and raw, Jaeo perfectly complements the simple, yet somewhat eerily/gritty synth and piano production on top of a thumping Hip Hop drum beat.

In the track, the Long Island native explains his humble beginnings, and how he had to hustle to make it in this game, but now with music “…so loud they can’t turn me down,” Jaeo finally wants to claim his.  ‘Gimme My Cash’ isn’t a quintessential American dream Rap song…this is no rags to riches story, rather it is somewhere in between.  Jaeo is continuing to grind and in the process of making his music heard.Jaeo’s ambition and drive helped him manage to make a name for himself by churning out tracks like “51631” featuring Long Island’s own, Reek Da VillainJaeo Draftpick has been on a roll, releasing four singles this past year, with a full project due out this summer.  Jaeo is working hard to put his city back on the map of Hip Hop prominence.


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