ShiShi Makes Music for the WORLD

RockDafuqOut regular ShiShi is back ONCE AGAIN, this time delivering his most international record to date.  As an artist one of his biggest goals is to bring starkly different musical cultures together in a way that is both accessible and educational.  ShiShi says, “When we realize that we are all more alike than we are different and our differences are what make us who we are, we can find real peace with one another.Hailing from Southern France, El Speaker teamed up with Italian artist Antonella before Indian-American ShiShi took on the project, incorporating a rare 1978 vinyl record that includes recordings of the Beat Jazz movement in Pakistan.  At the time, Jazz luminaries like Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Charlie Byrd and Quincy Jones came to Pakistan’s capital city of Karachi (which was then a thriving cultural metropolis) to play their music, and their influence sprouted an entire underground beat scene amongst the youth, who started creating their own Pakistani/Jazz influenced music.  The result was an incredible fusion of two completely different worlds, in a time before the internet

The sample used by ShiShi is characteristically eastern sounding and warm, true to form for a 40-year old vinyl record.  Making sure to finally infuse his own personal style, he threw some of his Indian vibes into the song… all together mixing 5 independent cultures that spread across 3 continents which all directly influenced the conception of this record 🇫🇷 🇮🇹 🇺🇸 🇵🇰 🇮🇳

Make sure you check out his latest original as well!

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