Restless Modern Leaves Us ‘Lost In Space’ with Latest Remix

21 year old producer Restless Modern has been on quite a roll for the last year or so.  With a sting of silky release, Restless Modern finds a way to bring just the right emotion to each track he releases.

Following on his recent original, “The Deep End”, Restless Modern is back again with a lush and ethereal take on Emmit Fenn’s, “Lost in Space”.  While Emmit’s vocals glide along, side chained, low-key and atmospheric, Restless Modern adds some tribal percussion, heavenly melodies and a rich soundscape.  The dreamy release gets you stuck somewhere between triumphant aspirations and depressive inner-turmoils.  Playing off of Emmit Fenn’s melancholic vocals, the production is bright yet muted and creates a beautiful contrast only pumped up further by the drums and rapid fire percussion.

Time and time again with releases like, “Chasing”, and, “Haunted”, Restless Modern has proven that he is here to make music that makes you feel.  His ability to connect on a deep and emotional level with the listener, for me, is why I keep coming back.  This is a vibe.


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