Christopher Releases New Tune ‘Bad’ [VIDEO]

Danish Pop artist Christopher may be a new name in the US, but the rising star has had some major success abroad.  At home in Denmark he is a platinum selling artist and is one of their biggest stars.  Between his 3 albums and 15 official singles (all of which have gone gold it platinum) he has racked up an astonishing 700M streams world wide.

After taking a bit of a hiatus to focus his energy in the studio, Christopher is now back with a new single and video for, “Bad”.  Created during one extensive session in Stockholm along with Finnish producer Lenno and songwriter Alexander Tiderbrink, Christopher says, “I could feel the energy and the potential of “Bad” from to offset – I couldn’t allow myself to stop the creative process, so I insisted, we just needed to stay on it without disturbance, totally focus and see where the song could be taken.

The new tune is an anthemic Pop jam that once again cements his spot as a major Pop artist on the rise.  With hints of Soul, a clean acoustic driven production, and a powerful vocal performance, his latest release is one of his most mature and developed singles to date.  While the edgy of the track is undeniable on its own, Christopher makes sure the story isn’t over looked, offering, “The song is about a poisonous love romance between a couple, who, despite the pain they both know that they inflict on each other, they just cannot be apart from each other.

With the machine of Warner Denmark behind him and some clear strategic plotting, planning and executing leading up to this point, it looks like Christopher has set his eyes on the states.  Don’t be surprised if you hear him all over the radio some day soon.


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