ChampionsLeak Team Up with SYMON for ‘Happy Sad Song’

Songwriting and production duo ChampionsLeak have been on fire lately with a string is successful releases.  Teaming up with buzzing vocalist SYMON, they found their first collaboration, “Lonely Girl”, landing at top 50 on radio.Their latest release, “Happy Sad Song”, is just that… with SYMON delivering a beautiful vocal performance, ChampionsLeak bring a chill yet vibrant Afro Pop leaning production.  The low key verses give way to a bubbling hook laden with rich acoustic guitar riffs and pulsating synths.  Upbeat rhythms couple with emotional vocals and lush soundscapes to create an uplifting yet somber release.

The perfect amount of emotion and bop come together to create a memorable playlist worthy tune.  What serves as yet another tune in a batch of singles ChampionsLeak are ready to drop, this one is more than enough to get you excited for what’s to come.


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