Keep an Eye on Hendrix Harris

One of my latest favorite finds comes straight from the sultry lounges of Paris.  First garnering attention from his work with Lou Berry, Rising Drops and Holly Craft, Hendrix Harris has recently taken his talents solo delivering a string of singles where he blends his beautifully soulful vocals with fast fire, hard hitting bars.

His ability to transition from singing to rapping is flawless and both aspects of his artistry are impressive in their own right.  Working with production duo G E N I U S, Hendrix Harris has been keeping the heat on, first with, “Bankwrapped”, and now with, “No Rush”, and “New Chains”.My first introduction to the buzzing French artist came with, “No Rush”, landing in my inbox – and it has been getting played in heavy rotation ever since.  On top of a wavey, slapping, jazzy production, Hendrix Harris delivers devastating flows that are almost too fast to follow.  A mix between Twista and Kendrick, he flexes impeccable rhythms while also making sure the lyrics connect.  While horns and strings fill the background, snares keep the pace and a bass sets the mood while Hendrix Harris goes IN.While I’ve been sitting on this one for a few weeks, I wasn’t surprised to see his latest release, “New Chains”, in my inbox – and I had high hopes.  Hendrix Harris delivered once again.  The more down tempo, sexy, smooth release relies on fresh guitar riffs, stellar harmonies and an unmatched swag to connect.  In a musical world as fast paced and over saturated as ours, originality is king – and Hendrix Harris is WAY original if nothing else.The mellow production floats beneath the vocals, adding the perfect dissonance to match.  A bit melodramatic and yet totally enchanting, Hendrix relies more on his stellar toplines and unique tone, lending one slick rap verse to spice it up a bit.

I’m not sure if these singles are leading up to an EP or album, but I can tell you I’ll be paying close attention.


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