Roman Pearce Drops Summer House Jam ‘Dalali’

Splitting his time between LA and Paris, French producer/DJ Roman Pearce has been honing his craft for some time now.  Best known back home for his turntable skills, the awarded DJ has also found some major support with his original tunes from the likes of Lost Frequencies, Treasure Fingers, Somn3um, Damon Hess and Paul Morrell.His latest release, “Dalali”, which was recently released on Somn’thing Records is a perfect blend of classic piano House and dirty Future House.  With a hypnotic vocal sample leading the way, bumping basses, rich chords and percolating counter melodies come together to create a driving and uplifting tune.

With no major bells or whistles to distract the listener, the simplicity here is what makes it special.  A solid groove, great vibes and fresh melodies all working together to create and energetic, driving and exciting release for Roman Pearce.


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