Information Society Makes a Hauntingly New Wave Return With ‘Nothing Prevails’

30 years after the release of their self-titled debut album, which included the breakout hit “What’s On Your Mind (Pure Energy), Information Society is back with a brand new single on their original label Tommy Boy.  The new release, Nothing Prevails, sounds like vintage Information Society, carried by the signature lead vocals and supported by rich synths and haunting melodies.  

With a history of Hot 100 chart appearances, as well as a feature in Star Trek, the Minnesota bred Electronic group is no stranger to musically forging its way into Pop-Culture.  

The group was founded in lead singer, Kurt Harland Larson’s dorm room at Macalester college in Saint Paul, Minnesota in 1982 and released two albums independently the following year. Commonly referred to by their nickname, Insoc, the name is said to have been taken from the term “Ingsoc”, referring to an english socialist fictional political party from a dystopian novel titled “Nineteen Eighty-Four”.

Appropriately, on the new tune, InSoc sends a chilling message of anti-materialism and self-evaluation in a society dominated by possession and instant-gratification.


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