1WayTkt Are Here to Brighten Up Your ‘Summer Nights’

Hailing from NYC (represent) 1WayTkt are a DJ/production team that have been making some major waves in the industry.  From production credits with artists like Wu-Tang Clan, Young Money and Dogg Pound Gang to sharing stages with LMFAO, Nas and Kid Cudi (to name a few), 1WayTkt are looking to break out from behind the scenes and build up their credits as lead artists.Beyond running a successful NYC studio, they are always hard at work creating their newest jam.  With a love of mixing musical styles and blending influences, their releases and remixes often appeal to a wide range of music lovers.  Their most recent release, “Summer Nights”, featuring Samuel D. Sanders is an uplifting and bubbly release that is sure to brighten many summer sets from the Tri-State and beyond.

With powerful, soulful vocals leading the way, smooth Deep House inspired vibes take hold while the groove gets you moving.  Layered basslines, emotional horn leads and vibrant melodies make sure this one takes hold and never lets go.  Make sure you check it out and keep an eye out for lots more to come from 1WayTkt.


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