JAM OF THE WEEK: Dwebby – Hands On Me

Wisconsin is not generally the place you think of when thinking about emerging artists… but today I’m going to throw you for a loop.

Budding producer Dwebby is bringing the heat from dairy land with his debut commercial single, “Hands On Me”.  Released on Careless Records, his recent release is a slick cross over that blends smooth Rap/R&B vibes with pumping a Future Bass production.While this dropped over a month ago, I have been rocking it heavy since it’s release – I’m just only getting a chance to share it now.  The dynamic release is one that is sure to get your neck snapping as the rhythmic synths and far drums hit.  The melodic and fast firing verses are both original and quality as they sway on top of the heavily Electronic beat.

While this may be the first release, it looks like Dwebby has a whole lot more up his sleeve – and I will 100% be paying close attention.  Turn this one loud.


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