NGHTMRE & Pell Team Up For Banging Hip Hop EP ‘Magic Hour’ [VIDEO]

It’s always cool for me to see artists notorious for a certain sound develop and take shots in a different lane.  While NGHTMRE has become a household name synonymous with Bass music, his recent two track EP, “Magic Hour”, in collaboration with Pell sees him bringing perfectly executed, heavy and haunting Hip Hop vibes.

While Pell has been on the rise for the last couple of years since the release of, “Floating While Dreaming”, he sounds better than ever on booming NGHTMRE productions.  While the two track project leaves you wanting more, both tracks hit.  To make the release even more exciting, both parties headed out to Tokyo to shoot a two part music video.

The first tune, “Swiss”, is a bubbly, melodic and playful jam that sees Pell swaying on top of dynamic production.   With an underlying dark vibe, Pell takes the lead in brightening up the track with his lyrics and flows.

The second track on the project, “Lights Low”, brings a classic Hip Hop vibe with a new age electronic flare.  With Pell delivering the bars, there is plenty of boom bap to make the Hip Hop purists fall in love and ignore the fact that it was produced by an Electronic main stage mainstay.

One thing is for sure here, this is a fresh collaboration and it opens both artists up to future collabs along the same lines.  Crossing over and taking risks, doing what they both do and delivering high quality tunes.  This is a bop, make sure you’re on it.


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